Testimonials from our Birthright Israel Alumni

Birthright Israel Reviews

Summer 2013 video by Inbar Baumvoll, Israeli Participant

“Everything was perfect. The best of the best! The itinerary, the activities, the tour guides, the accommodations, could not have been better.”

-Carlee Pons

"Although I had been to Israel before I'd never experienced Israel quite like I did with IsraelExperts; it was as if I was seeing the country again but through new eyes and gained a new, more profound, perspective. It was a 10 day trip with memories that will last with me forever."

- Jeremy Botwinick

“Birthright was an amazing experience. I truly felt at home and felt as though I really belonged and that is a feeling that is priceless.”

- Miranda Due

Summer 2012 Video Contest Winner by David Quittman

“This program did a good job of walking us through the Shabbat service and I felt comfortable even though I am not very religious.”

- Erica Z.

“Israel was always a place I wanted to go. Thanks to IsraelExperts, they made this dream come true! I had such an unbelievable time, and tell all my friends that it isn't something they should do, it's something they NEED to do!”

- Kevin Rosen

“The South was my favorite! I loved everything about it from riding the camels, the amazing dinner, watching the stars, bonfire, and sleeping in the tents. It was such an awesome experience and great atmosphere.”

-Gayle Klein

Summer 2012 by Allison Konners, Campus Connection alumni

“My whole life, during Shabbat services in synagogue, we would turn towards Jerusalem during the Amidah - to symbolically be facing the Western Wall, far away, in my synagogue in Connecticut. To be able to turn around during our group's Shabbat services and literally be facing the kotel, while standing in the Jewish quarter was an incredible experience, and something I will not ever forget. To share this experience with the amazing Americans and Israeli soldiers from my group was really special.”

-Tori Schachne

“I thoroughly enjoyed the sites of Jerusalem. I think they are all a must see. I loved being in the market of Jerusalem and going shopping. Yad Vashem was one of the most emotional moments for me and our tour guide there was great. I loved being at the Western Wall and experiencing it with my new friends as we placed our notes and hands on the wall.”

-Jessica Gold

“Birthright was not my first time in Israel, but it was by far the best.”

- Jessica Sneft

"Going to a foreign place, with a group of strangers can be intimidating, but living in Israel, a home away from home, with a group of newfound friends is amazing."

- Natasha Dabrowski

“I have never had such a spiritual, close-bonding experience in my entire life. I will always consider Israel my second home"

- Jamie Warfield