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Hike, bike and explore your way through Israel!

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Do you love Israel hiking tours, biking, snorkelling, exploring and trying new activities you haven't tried before? Do you plan your vacations according to where you can find adventure around every corner? Then this Birthright Israel trip is just for you!

Explore Israel with fellow adventure junkies who want to have fun, meet new people and see the country from north to south on their Birthright Israel trip. What's incredible about Israel is that the hikes you'll go on will mix with stories of your heritage. This is not your average adventure trip!


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Trip Dates


Trip Name Dates Airport Ages Availability
Israel Adventure - Bring it!
Dec 19 - Dec 30 JFK
Israel Adventure - Bring it!
Dec 23 - Jan 02 EWR
Israel Adventure 22 - Bring it!
Jan 13 - Jan 24 EWR
Israel Adventure - Bring it!
Feb 03 - Feb 14 JFK
Israel Adventure - Bring it!
Mar 03 - Mar 14 JFK

Sample Itinerary

DAY 1-2

<p>Arrive at Ben-Gurion International Airport. You will be met and assisted through customs by Israel Experts staff members and will meet your Israeli tour guide and bus driver who will be with you throughout your trip.</p><p>Orientation: Take some time to get to know your fellow participants, staff, and guide while preparing for the 10-day journey ahead of you.</p><p>Spend the day on a tour of Sderot, a southern city on the border of Gaza and better understand the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza as you are given an overview of the current situation.&nbsp;</p><p>Visit Shvil HaSalat (The Salad Trail) and learn how farmers have managed to make the desert bloom into an agricultural oasis.&nbsp;</p><p>Explore Ein Ovdat and hear all about this historic canyon known throughout Israel.&nbsp;</p><p>Get to really know the Negev by riding a camel through the desert.&nbsp;</p><p>Travel to Eilat and enjoy a night out in Israel’s vacation city</p>

DAY 3-4

Go on an adventerous hike in Eilat, surrounded by the gorgeous desert mountains and blue sky. 

Snorkel in the Red Sea and see the stunning underwater world for yourself. 

Spend the night at Kfar Hanokdim - Desert Experience. Partake in a light taste of Bedouin tradition and culture including a welcome ceremony of coffee and tea followed by a Middle-Eastern dinner served in the traditional style seated on rugs and pillows in a Bedouin style tent. Accommodation is in a mock up of a traditional Bedouin tent.

Climb Masada via the earthen Roman ramp built 2,000 years ago to storm this desert fortress and view the remarkable excavations including Herod's Palace and stables, the ancient synagogue and the ancient water system.

Float in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.

Enjoy a night out in Tel Aviv and explore the amazing nightlife.

DAY 5-6

Mifgash ("Encounter") begins. Today you will be joined by 8 young Israelis who will be traveling with you for the next 5 days. You will have the privilege to explore Israel through their eyes (and they through yours) and to forge new and lasting friendships. Explore Tel Aviv, Israel's vibrant and modern city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about its history, its innovative present and future, and enjoy some delicious food too by visiting Shuk HaCarmel, Rothschild Street and Rabin Square! Head up North and enjoy a tour through the ancient and kabalistic city of Tzfat. Tour synagogues and the artists’ quarter. Bring in Shabbat by lighting the Shabbt candles followed by Shabbat dinner. Participate in an Oneg Shabbat program. Spend Shabbat relaxing with your group with various programming and free time at the hotel Get to know your Mifgash Israelis by partaking in a special activity they have prepared for you. Take part in the ceremony ending the Shabbat and welcoming the new week: Havdalla

DAY 7-8

Bike ride through the amazing, green north of Israel 

Visit Yad Vashem, Israel's national memorial to the Holocaust. The museum presents the historic events that befell Europe following the Nazis’ rise to power in Germany and the fate of the Jews under Nazi rule in the occupied countries.

Visit Mount Herzl, Israel's military cemetery and the burial place of Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir and Theodore Herzl.

Farewell to Israelis – End of Mifgash.

Spend the night out on Jerusalem's vibrant pedestrian mall, Ben Yehudah Street. Enjoy the open-air mall (a.k.a. 'ha midrechov') with its pubs, shops, and restaurants with plenty of live music.

DAY 9-10

Enjoy a morning hike in Sataf and marvel at the magnificent hills and landscape of Jerusalem.

Visit Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem’s largest "shuk" (outdoor market), where you can find many different people and wares.

Explore the Old City of Jerusalem - visit the Kotel (Western Wall), Cardo and the Jewish Quarter.

Bring your trip to a close with a wrap-up session where you'll reflect back on your Birthright Israel experience.
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